Office Vinyl Rolls floor

Digitally Printed Vinyl Rolls

Forever developing breakthrough technology just for you.
Our new digital printing process provides you with endless possibilities in terms of design, which cannot be achieved with conventional printing techniques.

With traditional printing techniques you always have a visible repeat in the pattern which can be perceived as artificial, whereas with digital you can truly imitate the continuous patterns you can obtain with modular floors such as LVT (Luxury Vinyl Planks), laminate or parquet.

Discover our Two revolutionary new approaches to design, in vinyl floor coverings. You can either choose from our standard collections Skyline, where the focus lies on large tiles and long planks which are so far unseen in cushion vinyl or Moonlight that regroups designs of weathered woods, marble or delicate elements. Or you can opt for the WOW concept where our design team will develop tailor-made designs just for you.