Dress to impress


Elegance and luxury

Enjoy luxury

Ever just feel like having oysters and champagne for no reason? That is what Glam is all about: enjoying life’s luxuries without feeling guilty. Who cares if it is all slightly over the top?

Real antiques are making a comeback in our interiors and we love to combine them with high-quality textiles, crystal and dark and rich colours.

Glamorous living

Bring that ‘joie de vivre’ that only gold, silver and bronze can give you into your home. Create an air of richness and sophistication with dark floors, timeless colours and fine materials. Porcelain, silk, velvet: these classic materials breathe pure elegance and style.

Colour palette

The Glam palette consists of metallic gold and bronze tints, flame red and orange, accompanied by deep blue, greenish greys and a rich black.