Get back to basics


Pure, simple and light

Keep it light
Downsizing, de-cluttering, underconsumption: not just buzzwords but the result of a society that’s had too much. Consumers are bombarded with information, with goods to buy and things to do or see.

But enough is enough, so people feel the need to get back to basics. At home we know that less is more. It’s a place where we can calm down and feel relaxed. 

New minimalism
For a minimalistic look, avoid showy interiors and seek plain lines and simple, honest materials. Combine light wood or white flooring with beige, grey and pure tones. Accessories in muted pastels make simplicity and utility come together.

Colour palette
Sense has light pastels in its colour palette. Ranging from butter yellow, over peach to mint green. The great thing about pastels is that all colors can be combined perfectly.