Natural Oak 226M - Viny roll floors

ViPro - Vinyl Floors for Professionals

ViPro is the high performance Vinyl flooring from Beauflor® - designed exclusively for contract and commercial use.

There are 10 Ranges in the Collection, divided into four different groups, each of which has been designed with a particular performance characteristic in mind: Acoustic, Design and Heavy Duty.

To help specifiers decide which is the right one to choose, we have highlighted their suitability for projects in: Education, Housing, Hospitality, Offices and Public Spaces.

There are five ranges in the Acoustic group, each of which has a specially engineered soft foam backing, with a sound absorbent co-efficient of between 19 and 20 dB.
Nobody likes to eat in a loud echoey restaurant or listen to the impact of footsteps on an upper floor. By reducing irritating noises like the clatter of heels on a hard surface we can make our homes, offices and public spaces more comfortable places to be in.

The Design group does just what the name suggests, provides Architects and Interior Designers with a wide range of eye-catching designs, tough enough for use in a commercial setting. Like all Vinyl floor coverings, they work well with underfloor heating to create a comfortable environment perfect for social housing, offices, restaurants and hotels.

When the going gets tough, our Heavy Duty flooring is as tough as it gets. With an extra thick wear layer on top, it has been engineered to handle the heaviest contract applications with ease… and it has got the certifications to prove it! Available in a huge range of patterns, it will shrug off scratches and stains, without the need for waxes or polish, and make light work of heavy foot traffic.
Although it is highly durable, it is easy to fit, making it the perfect choice for medical centres, offices and retail use, where a beautiful appearance needs to be combined with the toughest of tough finishes.

Beauflor® is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and maintaining the highest environmental standards at all its manufacturing facilities. Unlike some manufacturers who still use a high percentage of recycled plastics and phthalate plasticisers in their vinyls, both of which have been associated with health risks, we only use certified raw materials from trustworthy suppliers and non-orthophthalate plasticisers such as DOTP (DOTP has been identified as a hazard free product by the European Chemicals Agency). We can guarantee that all our Vinyl floor coverings are completely free from orthophthalates and are regarded as safe to use in a commercial or domestic setting. ViPro might be tough on the floor but it is easy on the environment, making it the Green Choice.

A solution for every application: schools, hotels, offices, public spaces, housing...